Crowdfunding NYC Real Estate

Fund a Kickstarter and get a t-shirt; fund a NYC real estate development project and share in the profits!

Crowdfunding is helping to build 3 World Trade Center in NYC


A New Kind of NYC Real Estate Investment Opportunity

The Securities Act of 1933 created a distinction between private and public investment opportunities. Only private groups of very wealthy, accredited investors were allowed access to private real estate development opportunities, which yielded significantly higher rewards. In 2012, these restrictions were loosened, and then in 2016, they were finally lifted, paving the way for the broader public to share equally in real estate development opportunities.


NYC Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites

A plethora of crowdfunding sites have emerged since 2012, and diving in can be overwhelming. The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review helps navigate the waters, with tutorials, rankings, forums, and more. Investments can be made in a single property or in a fund that invests in several properties. Minimums start at $5,000, but are more often $25-50,000.


Individual Investing in NYC Real Estate

The wait-and-see attitude of the last quarter seems to be giving way to a let’s-go attitude for 2017. With limited inventory, buyers are busy searching for the right property before rates rise again. While the market for extremely high priced properties has softened, deals on appropriately priced properties asking above 5mil are up 30% year-over-year. Co-ops offer a lower price tag, but come with more restrictions than condos – find out more here. The neighborhood will also affect the price per square foot and the potential for growth. At Spark Realty, we are constantly monitoring the many factors that go into making a strong investment decision.


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