Lower East Side

lower east sideThe phrase “the city that never sleeps” applies particularly well to the Lower East Side. The youthful, creative energy of this neighborhood spills out of bars, restaurants, music venues, and clubs every night ’til dawn. It’s a lively neighborhood with an emphasis on fun that draws revelers from all over the city much like its neighbor to the north, the East Village.

Grab Some Bites of Food and Culture

During the day, many small shops display cutting-edge clothing and design as well as vintage wares. Discount textile wonderland Zarin Fabrics offers three floors of fabric possibilities. Economy Candy is stocked to the rafters with every brand of nostalgic candy. The New Museum and many art galleries promote new talent. At The Tenement Museum, the immigrant experience, so much a part of the history of this neighborhood, is beautifully conveyed.

Come sundown, beer, wine, and cocktail bars of every stripe, and countless casual chic restaurants begin to fill up. A popular holdover from the old days, Katz’s Deli serves the best pastrami in town. Then the live music scene kicks in. Bluegrass or some other fabulous and fun genre will be on the 3 stages of Rockwood Music Hall, something head banging will be happening at Arlene’s Grocery, and whoever is playing at Bowery Ballroom, one of the best venues in the city for live music, is probably worth checking out.

Eclectic and Fun

The Lower East Side is a mix of long time residents, urban pioneers who moved in before it became popular, young creatives, and professionals of every bent who want to be where the party is. It can be noisy at night north of Grand St. Most of the housing consists of slightly more affordable pre-war walk-ups, but many new luxury buildings have been going up to take advantage of the neighborhood’s popularity.

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