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Parents Purchasing for/with Children

Rent contributions to help an adult child quickly add up, leading many parents to wonder if it may make more sense to purchase an apartment.

What’s Up With NYC’s Supertall Skyscrapers

Is the end in sight for the supertall building boom that is transforming the NYC skyline?

A Streetcar Through Brooklyn and Queens?

The proposed Brooklyn Queens Connector, or BQX, would travel 16 miles along the East River waterfront from Astoria to Sunset Park.

How is the Manhattan Real Estate Market Doing?

While the market remains strong, with prices up 4% over the past year and an increase in the number of closings this quarter, bidding wars are not as commonplace.

The NYC Subway System is on the move!

Free Wi-Fi, L Train Update, Auto-refill MetroCards, Beautiful Artwork, and a New Line

Crowdfunding NYC Real Estate

Fund a Kickstarter and get a t-shirt; fund a NYC real estate development project and share in the profits.